Fiat 600

The classic Fiat 600 64 is now electric

An iconic classic car. Fiat 600 is one of the hallmarks of Fiat design. 

The owner of this rare car come to use in November 2021, after visiting the Spora EV booth at GIIAS 2021 auto show. He wants to convert this masterpiece into an electric vehicle. After several discussions, we agreed on the specification. The Fiat 600 will be fitted with a 10 kW motor, mated to the existing transmission because he wants to retain the classic feel and be able to switch gear when he wants to. The car is then equipped with a 10 kWh battery pack, which can give a driving range of around 70-80 km on a single charge. 

The Fiat 600 has been shown in numerous exhibitions this year alone. Start from New Energy Nexus exhibition in June, then on HIPMI anniversary exhibition on July 2022. The car itself now undergoing more restoration, and we can't wait to see it again once it is finished.

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