We accelerate EV adoption by offering various services, from EV conversion, training for EV mechanics to R&D services if you want to develop brand new EV or develop a special vehicle

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Everything is electric vehicle

Convert existing vehicles into battery electric vehicles, develop and manufacture brand new EV and prepare the manpower to lead the transition into clean electric mobility



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We offers various services, choose the one that fits you the most or you can just contact us so that we can help you choose for your needs.

  • Spora XC

    Ev conversion services. Convert existing conventional vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel engine into battery-powered electric vehicles
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  • Spora Vehicle Design Engineering

    Design engineering consultancies for anyone that want to develop new EV for their brand

  • Spora Institute

    Training center for EV mechanics and business consultancies

Reveal new opportunity

The electric vehicle is a new and growing sector globally. Find out more how you can be part of this revolution

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Vespa Super 79

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Honda Beat

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Fiat 600

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Spora EV is opening an opportunity for the existing workshops (bengkel) and Vocational schools to join our network of EV conversion services partner workshops (bengkel). If you have an automotive workshop (bengkel) or planned to create one and want to enter the EV market, we can work together! Join our network by joining our network to enjoy many benefits from engineering, certification, and spare parts supply.

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We can convert many different type of convetional vehicle into electric vehicle. See what we have been create so far

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Our partners

Some of our partners, from government agencies, technology provider, component make to education and research institute

Indonesia Battery Corporation
Indonesia Departemen of Transport
Universitas Indonesia
Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

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A record of our journal along the way, where we boldly go where no Indonesian has gone before

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