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EV Conversion is a process to convert/retrofitted gas or diesel powered vehicles into a battery electric vehicle.

In the process, we take out all component related to engine (engine, carburetor/fuel injection, fuel tank, fuel pump etc) and some auxiliary component (HVAC, brake booster, power steering etc), replace them with electric motor, motor controller, battery pack and replacement of auxiliary component.

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Vehicle design engineering

Electric vehicle design engineering to support your business objective

We understand that there are many businesses and company want to enter the electric vehicle emerging market but do not have the engineering capabilities or a dedicated engineering team.
We can provide electric vehicle design engineering services for you. The services can start from component selection, styling, and component localization to developing brand-new electric vehicle

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Spora Institute

Training center, consultancies and policy study

Spora Institute is a knowledge base service that focuses on capacity building, manpower skills,s and electric vehicle implementation strategic study for various sectors. We provide a Training center for EV mechanics/Technicians, business transformation consultation, and policy studies

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