EV design engineering

For our customers that want to develop a new electric vehicle, whenever it is a last mile micromobility like e-bike, a e-motorcycle, or customized e-van for logistics, we are here to help you.

Sometimes different business objective and use case demand a specialized EV

There is a trend now that businesses around the world started to develop special EVs for their specific use case or business objective. Amazon builds a delivery van with Rivian and UPS develop also a delivery van with Arrival. The uniqueness of EV platform enable this development possible in a modern era.
On the other side of the spectrum. Nowadays, many companies also want to jump into the EV market. They are thinking about bringing certain products to the market, but they don't have any experience in the EV or automotive industries before.
In both cases, we can help you from the vehicle design engineering perspective.
One of our previous examples is to develop an electric cargo bike for Smesco - the small and medium enterprises development agencies own by the Indonesian government.

Developing the solution that meet your objective

Like the classic mantra, everything is started with the problem and objective.
We then create initial specification relative to the target like market, price point, function etc.

After this stage, we then begin to develop the vehicle, from styling, structure, power-train selection, etc. All the processes done in close relation and continuous communication with your team in charge.

Engineering in EV, We believe that electric vehicles are an important step towards a low carbon society, but it’s just the first step.

Sarwono K Bawono

Co-founder | COO

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your project.

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