EV Conversion

EV conversion in Spora EV is done with very strict standard operating procedure to ensure the safety, quality and durability of the vehicle.

Specification Development

  • Usage survey

  • Engineering calculation

  • Initial specification

System design

  • Component layout

  • Bracket and adaptor

  • Wiring harness design

  • Auxiliary system design

Installation and integration

  • Component placement

  • System integration


  • Installation QC

  • Dry run

  • Test drive

Quality assurance

Judge us on the quality of our products, and not the quantity of our paperwork

Assy checklist

Wiring high voltage Wiring low voltage Communication etc

Design review

Vehicle layout Powertrain design Brackets and adaptor Wiring harness

Factory checklist Incoming QC

Checklist for all component from supplier

Inspection sheet

Pre condition check Normality check

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