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Brake booster

Power steering

Air conditioner compressor

Brake compressor (For Pneumatic Brake Vehicles)

Battery pack

Electro Hydraulic Power steering

Electric Air conditioner compressor

Electric Brake compressor {For Pneumatic Brake Vehicles)


VCU (existing)

VCU (Vehicle control unit) capable operating electric power train and battery system

Energy Storage

Gasoline Tank

Fuel Filter

Fuel Pump

Battery pack

Junction/Distribution box

DC to DC converter (from 750V to 24V)

On board Charger (AC to DC)

Charging plug

Power Train



Propeller shaft (optional)

Differential (optional)


Motor controller/Inverter

EV Conversion Kit Sector

Develop product and various EV conversion kit tandem with real world use case

Bus for public transport

Convert existing diesel or CNG bus into electric bus

Classic and performance Car

Bring new life to classic car by converting them into elecgtric vehicle

LV Double cabin truck

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Motorcycle conversion kit

EV conversion kit for motorcycle that can be easy and fast to install

Small van for logistic and people mover

Convert small 1300-1500 cc van into electric van for logistic and people mover or angkot

Truck for logistic

Convert diesel or LNG truck into electric truck for logistic, plantation, mining and other sector

Cost of EV Conversion

Typically, the conversion cost is 30-50% lower than buying a new electric vehicle with the same specification

The cost of converting gasoline or diesel vehicles can be varied for each vehicle type related to the target specification like the power or the battery capacity needed.

Generally, the cost of EV conversion is around 30-50% cheaper than a comparable new electric vehicle of the same type, not including the cost of the donor vehicle. For example, a motorcycle with mid drive 2 kW motor and a 1.5 kWh battery pack is currently priced at IDR 28.000.000. Motorcycle EV conversion with similar specification can cost around IDR 14-15 mio, or around 50% less.

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